County based Historic Environment Records

Archaeological excavation Historic Environment Records (HERs), sometimes also known as Sites and Monuments Records (SMRs) in the AONB are local authority-based services used for planning, but they also operate a public information service and play a role in education.

Within this AONB each county has its own HER/SMR database containing information on known archaeological sites, monuments and finds. They can contain information on other aspects of the historic environment such as historic buildings, historic landscape and townscape, as well as historic parks and gardens. Finally they record information on investigative fieldwork which has been carried out in the area and sources where further information can be found.

The AONB Historic Landscape Characterisation is designed to be used alongside these records and the HERs/SMRs have also been used to inform the AONB Historic Environment Action Plans.

The SMR/HERs of Hampshire, Somerset, and Wiltshire are available to search online and there is also full details of the Dorset HER available by clicking on the links below: