Rockbourne Roman VillaBackground to the HEAPs

These documents provides an introduction to the AONB Historic Environment Action Plans and provides background

An outline of the detail contained in these documents can be explored in the Exploring the Historic Landscape section of the website. These can be navigated to from the left column of the table

Alternatively the full Historic Landscape Character Theme documents can be downloaded as .pdfs from the right column

Historic Environment Action Plans: Background Documents
Background Full Background Documents
Introducing the HEAPs

Download Background 01 Introducing the Cranborne Chase and West Wiltshire Downs AONB Historic Environment Action Plans (PDF1.31MB)

AONB Time Line

Download Background 02 Description of the Archaeology of the AONB by Time Period (PDF 903KB)

History of Discovery

Download Background 03 History of Archaeological Discovery (PDF 851KB)

Historic PLand Use

Download Background 04 Land Use (PDF 858KB)

Local Distinctiveness

Download Background 05 Local Distinctiveness (PDF 867KB)

Historical Figures

Download Background 06 People in the Landscape (PDF 762KB)

Key Historical Events

Download Background 07 Major Historical Events, Trends and Fashions (PDF 782KB)

Nationally important heritage

Download Background 08 Designated Heritage Assets (PDF 753KB)

Action Plan

Background 09 Full List of Historic Environment Actions (last updated 16th July 2011) (PDF 1.3MB)

References & Glossary

Background 10 References and Glossary (PDF 826KB)