Industry in the Landscape

Industry in the AONB Industry in the Cranborne Chase and West Wiltshire Down AONB has tended to be small scale and local as befits a predominantly rural area, utilising local geology and materials.

Several quarries are still operational today providing greensand stone, chalk and the famous Chilmark stone mentioned by Hutton back in 1917. Several other relic quarries survive, including the Pen Pits found to the west of Zeals which may well have prehistoric origins. These relic quarries are accompanied by the footprint of a disused brick and tile factory to paint a picture of small scale local industry serving local villages and farms and the surrounding market towns. These have had minimal impact on the landscape of the AONB and those that remain are an important source of traditional building materials.

The industrial development of the AONB in the 20th century has followed a slightly different course, with the expansion of small scale commercial endeavours situated away from villages and farm complexes. This includes a wide range of activities including modern telecommunications, game farms, granaries and commercial chicken farming.

More information on the industry of the AONB can be accessed by clicking here: Theme 6: Industry in the Landscape.

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