Historical People

Medieval Harvest People are central to the story of the development and evolution of the AONB

  • Changes in the demographics of the population of the landscape through time had a major influence on landscape character.
  • Leading noble families shaped the estates which they owned through successive generations, and increasingly their individual sense of style and taste had a profound impact on the designed and built aspects of the landscape, supported by professional landscape and parkland designers.
  • Named historical figures, for example Sir Christopher Wren, became associated with particular locations giving an added dimension to their sense of place and added historical value.
  • Artists, poets and writers, including Thomas Hardy, derived inspiration from the landscape, and their work in turn spreads awareness and connection to the landscape.
  • Travellers across the landscape, for example Danial Defoe, captured moments in time and periods of great change.

Download a short introduction to the People who played a part in shaping the AONB landscape (PDF 762 KB).

This document forms part of the wider AONB Historic Environment Action Plans.