Area 3 Chalk River Valleys

This area comprises six discrete chalk river valley bottoms: The Wylye Valley, The Ebble Valley, and the tributaries of the Stour and Avon Valleys.

Map of HLCA 3Summary Description

  • The area is by historic landscape types associated with valley bottoms.
  • This includes networks of water meadows and meadows interspersed with small scale woodland.
  • The Wylye Valley formed an historic boundary land in the Iron Age, Roman and Early Medieval periods.
  • Ancient parishes form slices across the river valleys.
  • The Ebble Valley has seen a sustained pattern of land ownership and land holdings.
  • Historic sinuous routeways of parallel roads and tracks follow the river bottoms punctuated by historic crossing points.
  • High density of historic settlement and houses based on a Medieval pattern.
  • Tree cover is a vital part of the landscape forming sinuous ribbons along the valley floor.

The full Historic Landscape Character Area description is available to download from the Historic Environment Action Plan Pages

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